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How to Reach Me

Address: P.O. Box 23684 Columbia, SC 29224

Phone: 800-399-7412


Frequently Asked Questions
  • How is coaching different from consulting?
    When I am consulting, I am using my vast experience and expertise as your compass, steering you to success. I am equipping you with the answers, processes, systems, protocols and strategies to ensure your success. As a coach, I create the ontological space; produce the energy for creativity and support. We converse, with questions fostering an environment, that helps you find your own answers that you already own. | equip you with the skills and tools to exceed your expectations, and produce extraordinary results, with "Clarity, Focus, Ease and Grace"!
  • How is coaching different from therapy?
    Therapy is primarily for healing. Some clients work with therapist and coaches, when mental and emotional health healing and support is needed. On the other hand, Coaching is designed to help you take authentic action to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations. One cannot take place of the other, However coaching can be complimentary to both.
  • How does coaching work?
    Upon a discovery session and the decision of coaching is a right fit for you. We will work together customizing a coaching program to meet your needs. We will work together in person, at my office, or by video chat, which I do for my clients in other cities, states, and countries. A blueprint will be created for your success. I will help you find your answers you already have, supporting you to take authentic action, providing you with the accountability that produces productivity, while equipping you with the tools and skills to meet and exceed your own expectations
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