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Melvin Jones Jr.

Coach. Speech Writer. Consultant.Philanthropist. Mentor. Speaker. Leadership developer with over 23 years of experience!

First Impressions

Who I am

black american, alpha Male, old Fashion, country boy at heart, city boy by grind, recovered cigar smoker, child of Christ, cheerful heart. 

My fav's

Melvin Jones Sr., Doberman pinchers, dogs, road trips, meditation, 
Seinfeld tv show, Philadelphia soft pretzel, family gatherings, a great Starbucks experience, nice people, grits & potatoes (together), yoga, motivating people, 
public radio & etv, birds, Ella Fitzgerald jazz, Swedish massages, state parks, chimpanzees, Mallory Sanford, Rev. Mike Major, Prischilla Simone Ramsey, Hector Martinez, and Bob Rosenberg, PHD 

United States Armed Forces


I am humbled by your service to our great nation. Your sacrifices, most will never know. Where ever you go in this world, protecting the very freedom that I enjoy. My prayers will forever be with you and your family. 
I appreciate you more than words can express!!!! 

I salute you!!!!! THANK YOU!


Melvin Jones

Armed Forces
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