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Work with Melvin

  • Customized one on-one support program tailored to your life intentions

    1 hr

  • Customized group support program tailored to your vision and goals

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Coaching Program

Upon our discovery call, we will make the decision that my coaching program is the right fit for you. At Melvin Jones Jr. International, we support our clients in various endeavors like;

  • Career development to maximize their talents in their respective industry 

  • Create and scale businesses for the greater good of mankind 

  • Authors writing books and novels to completion and publishing 

  • Legislators introducing new initiates and forging community partnerships 

  • Community leaders and organizers leading social and economic change 

  • Individuals seeking support for up leveling their health and vitality 

  • Creating the perfect work, life, and family balance 

  • Crisis management from career, family, health, world affairs


Whether you're starting a business, or nonprofit organization. Melvin can help you develop the tools, and skills to create the proper foundation for startups, and implement processes and protocols for new entities, partnerships, or an existing business. If you are ready to up level, surpass the status quo, exceed your expectations, and shatter your glass ceiling. I will use my 23 years of vast experience and expertise as your compass, guiding you to success, surpassing your normal stopping points. You will possess clarity and energized laser focus, adopting success as a culture for your business, with brand awareness and identity.


Social and economic depravity, justice inequality, disenfranchisement of the underserved has always been the heart of our philanthropic endeavors. 


Some of which include: 

  • Meals on wheels for seniors 

  • Adopt a elementary school reading program 

  • Thanksgiving Turkey Drive 

  • Adopt-a-highway clean sweep program 

  • Colgate bright future, Bright smilesTM kids oral hygiene program 

  • Department of Juvenile Justice mentorship program

Unwrap The Joy Of Angel Tree

Ange Tree

For specific questions about services, email or call 800-399-7412

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